Tommy Musni

Writer | Producer




    Movies are different things to everyone, yet unite us with a memory in common. Though they are thought of as escape from our daily lives, ironically they bring us out to seek and feel emotion. We want to laugh, feel scared, experience triumph, find adventure, cry, and even learn, with strangers next to us. Movies are really us running toward life. My strength as a movie maker is always being part of the audience, ready for a rollercoaster ride and ready to feel.

    Great movies hinge on fascinating characters that are watchable whether they’re sitting at a bus stop or saving the universe. While the plot is a necessary reflection of the hero, it is the actors that breathe life into characters that burn in our movie memories. My heroes always have massive character flaws, not only to leave more room to arc and have redemption, but remind us we all constantly battle our own flaws. Whether making a goofy comedy, frantic action, or tearjerker drama, there must be theme and meaning that resonate with us. There’s pretty much a handful of common themes most movies have, because as flawed people, we need constant reminders to help us through the struggle of life. When we get up from our movie seat, it’s my dream we understand each other a little better.

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